As a place shaped by mass media from above and below, Los Angeles begs for criticism composed of the very same stuff.

Wrecking Ball

The Temple to the Mouse in ruins

In Los Angeles, the fantasy and the reality of the movies live side by side.

Scenes from Los Angeles’s tenants movement

Is a plan to restore the Sepulveda Basin the equitable climate action LA needs?

How a California homebuilder remade the Interior West

On the occasion of our first special issue

At Hollywood Forever, the California lifestyle may be dead and buried.

There’s plenty still unknown about the Lucas Museum, but one thing’s for sure: It’ll look good on the screen.

The garden is a livewire biology of gossip, a thing heard through—but also is itself—a grapevine.

I can’t disentangle dingbat apartments from the memories of the years I have spent in Los Angeles.

Address A Building

Van Nuys Government Center is a stand-in for downtown democracy flung out to the suburban hinterlands.

Disney’s desert expansion brings magical thinking to the Coachella Valley.

The organizers behind Los Angeles’s latest Olympics run seem content with standing still.


To read Anton Wagner reflexively means to engage with his Los Angeles not as a product of its historical context, but a refraction of our own.

  • ED RUSCHA / NOW THEN, curated by Christophe Cherix with Ana Torok and Kiko Aebi, ran at the Museum of Modern Art from September 10, 2023 to January, 13, 2024. The exhibition opens at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in April.

What is it that we want from Ruscha? What does New York want from the idea of LA?

For the team behind this eco-futures festival, optimism is radical. But is it enough?

Here’s another thing about gamification: It doesn’t work.

  • Sphere, designed by Populous, opened in Las Vegas in October 2023.

Without its umbilical connection to the Venetian Expo, at any time this Sphere might just roll away.

An exhibition’s celebration of Helena Arahuete’s draftsmanship reiterates the incredible technical facility and breadth of knowledge required to be a good architect.

But if models are a myriad of things and also not those things, what is a hefty volume full of discourse-heavy texts and chockablock with photographs of models?

Skyline Dispatches

Chinatown — “LA has an incredible legacy of design and architecture that’s about its connection to landscape...”
ARTS DISTRICT — “Fuck shit up.”
LA BREA — ...a big ask for a crowd who wants to know whether you can park out front after 6 p.m. without getting towed
Hollywood — “She had me practice on a chicken breast. I was super nervous.”
Westwood — Young attendees seemed put off by the absence of pragmatic concerns...
Downtown — Is it “the role of artists in weakened democracies” to promote their own memoirs and films?
Westwood — “We landed a man on the moon. We can solve class A office conversions.”
Mid-City — Mugs adorned with phalluses “danced” to lustful sounds.
Silver Lake — I tried to imagine what a Soviet citizen, especially one familiar with such spaces, would think of the assembled crowd.
Lincoln Heights — What collective bending must we all engage in to keep more of LA’s water local, saturating our own parched neighborhoods?