Marianela D’Aprile


Visually intriguing, but not exactly tempting

The “Good-design-is-good-business” ethos had come under fire.

Don’t get it twisted: this was no melting pot.

Architectural impotence at MoMA’s latest

Everyone is recognizable, either because you know who they are or because you’ve seen these portraits before.

It was a strange, tentacular artifact, but a welcome respite from all the noise, visual and otherwise.

They grasp at their future until a tragedy snaps the present into place.


Finally, an art exhibition mercifully devoid of the weight of being a serious artist

The incidental noise of domestic work is both mute and shackling.

Can we have our paper menus back?

When everything is on fire, why worry about the little ember of a problem inside you?


Unlike, say, films or books, people have very little choice about which architecture they consume.

“Critique means that you are transforming the framework, exploring its contradictions…and every crack you see, you punch it.”

Skyline Editor