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"All killer no filler."
—The Architectural Review
"The only print publication I look forward to receiving in the mail."
—Kate Wagner
"Y’all are fucking shit up and I love it."
"The New Yorker for architects."
"I love everything about NYRA except the backward leaning italics."
—Paul Goldberger
"The dreaded east coast media elites at their most lovable."
"A journal that looks beyond the rhetoric we architects are so used to and focuses on systemic issues we architectural workers face."
—Peggy Deamer
"Restored my faith in the future of both good journalism and the younger generation."
—James Wines
"I’ve yet to find a better outlet for taking the pulse of the culture, education, and practice of architecture—in and beyond New York."
—John Hill
"I feel like I am reading a cross between classic 1970s Chicago Reader, 1980s Village Voice, and 1990s New York Review of Books or the New Yorker. The tone throughout is fun, the text always insightful. I am frequently blown away by how the quality remains at such a high level from front to back. Reading the print edition for me is like listening to J.S. Bach or sipping espresso—it's something I make time for and savor."
—Randy Deutsch
"All the architecture that's fit to review!"
—The Hustle Architect (@VitruviusGrind)