Samuel Medina


Rafael Herrin-Ferri’s guidebook to Queens’ polymorphous saltboxes, shotguns, and McMansions is a romp through New York’s “global village.”


Care for a sip?

The air in which the manifold facsimiles and translations were suspended was stale.

He was an architect who designed for infinity, if not for the future.

Without a Party, what is left other than trolling Dezeen?

Hard-nosed rationalism proves a poor prophylactic against sinuous human desire.


NOMAD — “I was sitting in Crown Hall with a friend, and Judy walked by.”
UPPER WEST SIDE — Beyond the frame lies something more mundane: drywall, and lots of it.
PRINCETON — Kats’s presentation diverged from the standard monographic treatment by fastening onto a wider perspective.

Star Turns

Hamilton Heights — In a bottom drawer, she found an unfinished novel (“kinda trashy”) Berman had penned in the mid-1960s, involving romantic love and the Weather Underground.


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