New York Review of Architecture reviews architecture in New York. It is a team effort. Our Editor is Samuel Medina, our Deputy Editor is Marianela D’Aprile, and our Publisher is Nicolas Kemper.

Laura Coombs is our Art Director and Seth Thompson of A Lot of Moving Parts is our Web Developer. Nicholas Raap is our Operations Coordinator.

Our Skyline Editors include Anna Gibertini, Sebastián Lopez Cardozo, AJ Artemel, Anny Li, Nicholas Raap, Emily Conklin, Gideon Fink Shapiro, Palmyra Stefania Geraki, and Osvaldo Delbrey Ortiz.

We are stocked in:

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We are primarily print but also online at @nyreviewofarch (twitter and instagram) and newyork.substack.com.

You can contact us by e-mail at office@nyra.nyc or by post at
217 W 18th St, Unit 407, New York, NY, 10011.


New York Review of Architecture is rooted in New York but interested in architecture everywhere. We avoid themed issues, preferring instead to pursue multiple themes across issues. We are particularly interested in pieces that break down architecture’s silos, tying together academia, practice, and the public we all serve. We value writing that is critical, engaging, and accessible to readers. We especially value work that represents viewpoints that have been historically undervalued or ignored in architectural discourse.

In general we like pieces that are grounded, topical and reported. It helps if you are going to talk to original sources, and have strong research. At the same time, we appreciate clear positions—direct, fearless, a little irreverent—and a sense of humor!

We have two editorial processes. For our weekly newsletter SKYLINE, there is a different editor each week. They send an e-mail out to our writers' room each Friday with events we would like covered. Writers claim topics or pitch other happenings. Dispatches are filed within the week. Our dispatch writers range from well established architects and writers to architecture students. The rate for all dispatches is the same: $30. Parts of SKYLINE sometimes make it into the print edition.

Samuel Medina and Marianela D'Aprile oversee our bimonthly print issues. We work with writers to develop reviews, reported work, and essays. We try to give our authors a month or more to develop their pieces. The rates range from $100 to $400. Our editors are friendly and collaborative, but unless you have worked with us often before, your final draft will almost certainly end up looking quite different from your first draft.

We are also interested in working with artists, graphic designers, and of course architects—feel free to send us your portfolio and we can put it on file for consideration for our posters, issue and art commissions. We also are open to art-centered pitches. Please send portfolios to design@nyra.nyc, and cc editor@nyra.nyc.

We see our contributors as a community—no matter your level, we add our contributors to the NYRA Community Room and give them an inside view on emerging projects and happenings in the publication.

Please send pitches to: editor@nyra.nyc

Would you like to potentially work on the publication, or write for us? Join our community room, link here.