Eva Hagberg


An exhibition’s celebration of Helena Arahuete’s draftsmanship reiterates the incredible technical facility and breadth of knowledge required to be a good architect.


A wild look at the real-world effects of social media, and the lasting implications of deathbed desires

This book is what happens when someone thinks the only reason they aren’t a professional writer is that they don’t have the time.

Wrecking Ball

A whole lot of people who are not me should have been paying attention a lot sooner.

I went to LGA and all I got was a perfect Starbucks drink.

I always see buildings through the lens of people—the people who wanted to see them through and the people who had to because there wasn’t anyone else.


Basel — I don’t think it matters what anything looks like because nothing looks like anything because who can see anything for what it actually is?



“The scandal isn’t the sex.”