Publisher’s Note

On the occasion of our first special issue

Los Angeles Review of Architecture is our first special issue and hopefully the beginning of something more.

When New York Review of Architecture began, part of our premise was to be obvious. The name tells you where we are and what we are doing. The graphics stay in service of that, with an emphasis on accessibility and ease of navigation. We wanted to win over readers not by reinventing the magazine, but by simply producing a very good one.

For Los Angeles Review of Architecture, our team has worked with Mimi Zeiger to bring that disposition to the west coast. It appears that Los Angeles wants it. We originally pitched the idea to the Graham Foundation as a single-page insert, but after a cohort of LA sponsors and partners expressed interest, it grew into the full issue you hold today—our longest one yet. I would like to thank all of them, whose names are listed below, and in particular Meara Daly, who helped us navigate a new city, and Bestor Architecture, which is hosting our launch party. By the way, after we announced the launch party, we had to cap its size—…

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