Thomas de Monchaux


A visit to the Astor Place Wegman’s confirms we are, now and forever, among the Etruscans
(and also stuck in the ’90s).

Marcel Breuer’s museum on Madison opened our eyes to the sublime. Let’s not look away now.

The imminent destruction of a postmodern gem should inspire reflection on those dwindling resources: time and care.

Any future for Penn Station must make use (and reuse) of its past.

Notes on the American museum, the natural, and history

No doubt it’s a finer fate than the place becoming an Apple Store.

In which a nascent futurist, seasoned operator, and master craftsman attends to his legends


Penn Station’s condition has had little to do with its architecture, and much to do with how people who don’t live in big cities feel about big cities.

In praise of New York’s heavenly “hellhole”



“When you cook, you’re left with scraps that make the perfect beginnings of another meal.”


“The rock tries to fall; it can’t fall because there’s other rocks holding it together.”

Using the tricks of perspective, Ames dissolved the walls of the narrow gallery to take on the appearance of a much larger space.