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If nature takes its revenge but no one is around to witness it, will it be beautiful?

I am not a disciplined listener; I do not have an especially profound relation to music.

Zoe Zenghelis, a founder of OMA, now finds delight in delicacies of color.

In its early days, the Bauhaus was associated with cathedrals—or at any rate, the idea of cathedrals.

An interview with Elizabeth Diller




Lincoln Center — $550 million later, the building’s interior retains none of the sepulchral mood that previously reigned: it is intimate, warm, and inviting.
Zoom — Working to address planetary challenges like the climate crisis, these architect-researchers are designing at new scales and reevaluating the fundamental stuff of building.
New York City — The contradictions of privately owned public space are irreconcilable. So long as powerful institutions can say “keep off the grass,” then it isn’t truly public, is it?
Zoom — One percent of owners hold almost half of the land in West Virginia, most of the landowners are outsiders, and things get worse when you go underground

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