Unidentifiable, unusable, and, alas, anerotic objects


“Is it going to thunder and lightning in there?”


In raw skill, Lewis Mumford rated Stanisława above Maciej.


Self-care, evidently, is a virtuous quest worthy of legend.

Phenomenological New York attempts to document the feeling of the city rather than its appearance.

A song about Billy Joel releasing, after a long absence, a new song.

Too-simple diagrams, TED Talk–style anecdotes, and sweeping generalizations about human behavior

Yes In My Basement Yeshiva!


To those for whom the Note incites a sense of youthful wonder—a feeling that if you pressed the keys, it would let out a perfectly tuned arpeggio—I ask, What’s wrong with you?

Ruptures in time reflecting ruptures in space

Touching physical things is becoming a bit passé.

A house is just a box with a triangle on top plus a window, a rectangle of the right size.

Visually intriguing, but not exactly tempting

Part mad scientist, part Martha Stewart

Less a menacing monument to imminent doom than a superfluous, almost decadent by-product of capitalism gone awry

Applying universal suffrage to economics.