Sebastián López Cardozo


Housing is a fundamental right. Can architecture accept this?

“We didn’t hear so much about the impact of that kind of thinking on architecture in the conventional sense.”

“How I got started on this project is that I’m an Instagram junkie,” said Phyllis Lambert, incongruously.

“There are corners, areas where you have to go in and discover new images.”

“It hasn’t really been about writing about precarious people, precarious lives.”

The introduction of the public library’s equivalent in 2021, Eric Klinenberg argued, would be seen as a revolutionary (and hardly fundable) proposition. This alone should make us realize that the notion that we need to invest in each other already exists.


The lessons taken from the infill projects are particularly relevant to American and Canadian cities trying to re-densify their urban centers.


26 Oct 2022

6:30 p.m. EDT
Oct 26, 2022
Rice University School of Architecture