The City of Light still has some fight left in it.

Do you believe in life after work?

For Louise Nevelson, imitation was an affirmation that her style was worth repeating.

To read Anton Wagner reflexively means to engage with his Los Angeles not as a product of its historical context, but a refraction of our own.

  • ED RUSCHA / NOW THEN, curated by Christophe Cherix with Ana Torok and Kiko Aebi, ran at the Museum of Modern Art from September 10, 2023 to January, 13, 2024. The exhibition opens at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in April.

What is it that we want from Ruscha? What does New York want from the idea of LA?

For the team behind this eco-futures festival, optimism is radical. But is it enough?

Here’s another thing about gamification: It doesn’t work.

  • Sphere, designed by Populous, opened in Las Vegas in October 2023.

Without its umbilical connection to the Venetian Expo, at any time this Sphere might just roll away.

An exhibition’s celebration of Helena Arahuete’s draftsmanship reiterates the incredible technical facility and breadth of knowledge required to be a good architect.

But if models are a myriad of things and also not those things, what is a hefty volume full of discourse-heavy texts and chockablock with photographs of models?

Few architects of the last century worked at the same scale as John Andrews. What’s surprising is how unfazed he seemed by it all.

  • Out of Place, on view from September 22 to October 1st at Mextrópoli, Mexico City

Why is this replica here? Why is there a deep-rooted collective association between Barragán and Mexican identity? What lies behind the towering terrace walls?

The category Directed by Child of the Architect dominated this year’s Architecture and Design Film Festival.

  • How To with John Wilson, written and produced by John Wilson, ended its three-season run in July.

The people and things that John Wilson assembles in his beguiling anthology remain unassimilable in their bizarre singularity.