How a California homebuilder remade the Interior West

The organizers behind Los Angeles’s latest Olympics run seem content with standing still.

Address A Building

Van Nuys Government Center is a stand-in for downtown democracy flung out to the suburban hinterlands.

I can’t disentangle dingbat apartments from the memories of the years I have spent in Los Angeles.

The garden is a livewire biology of gossip, a thing heard through—but also is itself—a grapevine.

But if models are a myriad of things and also not those things, what is a hefty volume full of discourse-heavy texts and chockablock with photographs of models?

  • Sphere, designed by Populous, opened in Las Vegas in October 2023.

Without its umbilical connection to the Venetian Expo, at any time this Sphere might just roll away.

An exhibition’s celebration of Helena Arahuete’s draftsmanship reiterates the incredible technical facility and breadth of knowledge required to be a good architect.

To read Anton Wagner reflexively means to engage with his Los Angeles not as a product of its historical context, but a refraction of our own.

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Skyline Dispatches

Chinatown — “Rats—they are builders of the natural environment. They’re architects!”
Prospect Heights — Lecture topics ranged from Palestinian liberation to the ethics of AI; a Marxist theater troupe from Vermont performed twice.
Upper West Side — “Everyone who came to hold the sign and carry it with me through the neighborhoods became part of a collective monument.”
Midtown — In place of the transit nerds I had expected to find were aspiring comics and adherents of the funny pages.