Marcel Breuer’s museum on Madison opened our eyes to the sublime. Let’s not look away now.

The American Dream keeps getting smaller and smaller.


“What would happen if we foregrounded human values in the creation of our systems?”

Catty Corner

Binging on mindfulness

In New York City, real estate plays double duty, and apartments turn into art galleries.

Do you believe in life after work?

The City of Lights still has some fight left in it.

For Louise Nevelson, imitation was an affirmation that her style was worth repeating.

  • Copy Machine Manifestos: Artists Who Make Zines, organized by Branden W. Joseph and Drew Sawyer with Marcelo Gabriel Yáñez and Imani Williford, was on view at the Brooklyn Musuem from November 17, 2023, to March 31, 2024.

Black-and-white xeroxed collages given away for free, or highly-curated, glossy magazine–style publications, or anything in between.


Skyline Dispatches

Hamilton Heights — Maybe this is why the encampment I saw being built at City College felt so sturdy, less an act of defiance than an acknowledgement of its necessity.
Morningside Heights — “I wanted to take on something overtly political within architecture, and abortion clinics are one of the most contested spaces in this country.”
City Hall — “What do we want?” “Housing.” “When do we want it?” “Now!”
Lower East Side — “You can’t stop the inevitable.”