Funny ideas hitch a ride on rivulets of sweat.

An ode to Liberty Inn, site of unseen, carnal pleasures

At Rikers, reality exceeds language.

Do you believe in life after work?

Our built heritage should not become fossils enshrined in amber, but fertile, motley canvases on which to build anew.

  • The Robert Olnick Pavilion at the Magazzino Italian Art museum in Cold Spring New York, was designed by Alberto Campo Baeza and MQArchitecture. It opened last fall.

Conceptual art and contemporary architecture lack the beguiling allure I find in brazen displays of Americana.

The City of Light still has some fight left in it.

For Louise Nevelson, imitation was an affirmation that her style was worth repeating.

  • Sleep No More is on at the McKittrick Hotel through May 27.

The cast changes; the choreography stays the same; what holds infinite interest is being there.


Skyline Dispatches

Flatiron — “We are all writing the story of the Portal and it’s still being written.”
Upper East Side — “It’s like an endurance test,” she said. “If you made it through, we’ll give you a badge.”
Hamilton Heights — Maybe this is why the encampment I saw being built at City College felt so sturdy, less an act of defiance than an acknowledgement of its necessity.
Morningside Heights — “I wanted to take on something overtly political within architecture, and abortion clinics are one of the most contested spaces in this country.”