Randa Omar


Some good and bad reasons to renovate


If a school of architecture seems an odd venue for a climate-themed film festival, it is.


“The scandal isn’t the sex.”

The lessons taken from the infill projects are particularly relevant to American and Canadian cities trying to re-densify their urban centers.

Milton S.F. Curry argued that race and Blackness are necessary “theoretical vehicles” for training “citizen architects.” More adequate frameworks for learning—for instance, a race-integrated course track and an expanded canon—are needed at the university level, but also earlier than that.

The artists spoke fondly of seeing visitors engaging freely with the pieces—not only seeing the sculptures, but also touching them.

“Our call is for thinking seriously about working philosophies rather than hard methods.”

“It’s not that people cannot afford a housing unit; it’s that they cannot afford a housing unit where they need it.”