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An RPA-themed exhibition performed the usual lip service to social equity without addressing the inequality baked into prevailing models of development.

The high artifice and warm sensuality of it all tickle in a good way.

ChatGPT has no sensory organs, but it asserts that architecture is “a material and tactile experience.”

Megaprojects like Sunnyside Yard are a New York staple. That doesn’t mean their track record is clean.


Zoom — “Buildings are more like meals than monuments,” said Heinrich Wolff, in urging designers to embrace the inevitable modification of their work by owners and users.
New York, NY — Asked about the changing functions of museum spaces, David Chipperfield declared that he rejects form-follows-function because “it’s hard to say what function is.” Just as a bathroom is more than a toilet stall, a museum is more than a display system.

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