Angie Door


Cripping is the action of invention. Just as Long Chu defines gender as the universal reaction to being female, so we might consider architecture to be the universal reaction to being crippled.


MORNINGSIDE HEIGHTS — “How might this regime called land be made different (speaking in passive voice) and in active voice, how to can we name the makers and hold them to account in the remaking?”
Clinton Hill — Keller Easterling shares her reading habits of late.
Astor Place — “We see the [imperiled] building as a mine.”
Zoom — A slipperiness of simultaneity accompanies any attempt to limn a futurity from fragmented histories.
Lower East Side — A DJ was stationed at the back of the shop; readers were hunched over stacks of the spiral-bound publication, while others were carefully assembling BDSM rope flowers.
PITTSBURGH (ZOOM) — The benevolent return of stolen artifacts may operate in place of human rights discussions that align with their paths.
Zoom — In the context of planetary urbanism, the revelatory can turn reparative: Designers can redirect vast questions of resilience onto the micro-territories of urban seedlings and aging pipes.