The Kids Are Alright

Reimagining the foundations of financial and social security is a challenging yet crucial endeavor. In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, the nature of the workplace has become a focal point of debate and transformation. In an event cosponsored by the American Council on Germany and New York event space 1014, labor expert Thorben Albrecht explained that “the pandemic has been an accelerator of trends” within the labor market, such as remote work and the spread of white-collar unions. Historian Annelise Orleck commended the emerging Gen Z workforce for their different way of thinking. This global generation, she argued, demonstrates a broad and personal approach to their work style and purpose, which plays a crucial role in exposing geopolitical and geoeconomic inequalities. By challenging the status quo, Gen Z spotlights the existing disparities and advocates for positive change within the workplace internationally.

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