Layna Chen


KENMARE STREET — “During the day, it is the source of my income. At night, it is my home,” she said in reference to the massage parlor.
KENMARE STREET — His backing choir belted out verses like “a tree is the opposite of a cop!” and “I am a snake, I am a lake.”
Kenmare Street — Cecilia Vicuña and Ricardo Gallo arrived at the Storefront for Art and Architecture in the late afternoon and wordlessly took their positions on a makeshift stage.
Morningside Heights — Denouncing capitalism for its inability “to achieve a real democracy,” they called for worldwide socialist planning, a rewilding of half the earth, and a rapid transition to renewable energy.
LaGuardia Place — “If we allow ourselves to believe that places have a soul,” said Raunaud, “we are more inclined to respect them, to preserve them.”
Kenmare Street — Dressed in brightly colored outfits, the chorale belted out beguiling lyrics that entwined such ills as toxic consumerism, climate change, and police brutality.