The “New York Review of Architecture” is organizing as a cooperative of working writers, architects, and artists who review architecture in New York. The Review is print only. Back issues are available in our shop.

Four desk editors run NYRA: Alex Klimoski, Phillip Denny, Carolyn Bailey, & Nicolas Kemper (who also serves as the Publisher). The positions of Issue Editor and SKYLINE editor rotate duties each month. The current Issue Editors are Carolyn Bailey and Phillip Denny. Printed by a83 in New York.


New York Review of Architecture is rooted in New York but interested in the built environment everywhere. We avoid themed issues, preferring instead to pursue multiple themes across issues. We are particularly interested in pieces that break down architecture’s silos, tying together academia, practice, and the public we all serve. We value writing that is critical, engaging, and accessible to readers. We especially value work that represents viewpoints that have been historically undervalued or ignored in architectural discourse.

In general we run profiles, reviews of buildings, books, trends—we like pieces that are grounded, topical and reported. It helps if you are going to talk to original sources, and have strong research. At the same time, we appreciate clear positions—direct, fearless, a little irreverent.

After your pitch or article is commissioned, a point editor will work with you throughout the editorial process. The timeline varies: we can turn topical dispatches and op-eds around very quickly in our weekly substack SKYLINE, or work with authors for months to develop in depth features. Our editors are friendly and collaborative, but unless you have worked with us often before, your final draft will almost certainly end up looking quite different from your first draft.

We are also interested in working with artists and graphic designers—feel free to send us your portfolio and we can put it on file for consideration for our posters, issue and art commissions. We also are open to art-centered pitches.

We see our contributors as a community—no matter your level, we sign you up for a free subscription, and add our contributors to a list that allows them to swap ideas and find potential collaborators.

Please send pitches to: