Nicolas Kemper


Since I first signed up for e-flux about six years ago, the publishing platform has graced my inbox to the tune of about ten emails a day.

I first visited Seward Park on the Lower East Side in 2020, looking for a newspaper box that served as the single distribution point for a publication then much in demand among New York’s writing set: the Drunken Canal.

It can be easy to forget that Fox News is a profoundly New York institution.

In its sixteen-foot-tall cellar, the presses churned out hundreds of thousands of issues a day. A gold-plated dome housing Pulitzer’s private office pierced through its cornice.

Or, an introduction to our redesign.


Peter Eisenman memorably tussled with the late Christopher Alexander on a Harvard debate stage. He talks to NYRA about that match-up and his aversion to Alexander’s ideas about “comfort” and “harmony.”

What’s the case against double loading a corridor?

The drive to unionize architects looks like a contest between management and labor. This characterization, however, is misleading.

Mohamed Elshahed’s quest to save Egypt’s architectural patrimony


“Have you ever felt frustrated working in axonometric?”

“I’ve seen the renderings, and it ain’t going to work out.”

“The problem with ‘genericism’ is it costs so much operating budget to change the space, it may as well be a strait-jacket.”

We need to stop trying to do more with less and simply do a whole lot less.


“This crowd wants to celebrate the corridor, not cancel it.”