Keller Easterling


Taking apart these infrastructures at both the diagrammatic and syntactical level is, of course, a very Easterling move, despite the scholar adding little to the discussion.

Keller Easterling shares her reading habits of late.


29 Aug

6:30 p.m. EDT
Aug 29, 2023
NYU Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development

6 Jun

7:00 p.m. EDT
Jun 6, 2023

7 Oct 2022

6:00 p.m. PDT
Oct 7, 2022
California College of the Arts Architecture Division

10 Sep 2022

8:00 a.m. EDT
Sep 10, 2022
Lviv Center for Urban History, Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture, Re-Start Ukraine, University College London, Urban Forms Center, Yale University, & Visual Culture Research Center

24 Jul 2019

11:30 a.m. EDT
Jul 24, 2019
Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation