Eric Schwartau


A self-described Renaissance man wrestles with the legacy of his former Bushwick abode.

We’re attached to a dream we’ve been sold but can’t afford.


New York is a city of exhibitionists. Documentary filmmaker John Wilson is happy to oblige.

On New York’s changing bath culture

A good-intentioned book channels a torrent of research and riffs into galaxy-brain takes.

Catty Corner

Our Catty Corner columnist ponders the war on cars.

Wrecking Ball

Like with much of what is spewed out of New York’s over-hyped, PR-industrial complex, a closer look at Central Park reveals a thin green veneer covering a hollow and tired system.


Lost in a champagne sea of figurative flotsam and abstract jetsam, I finally stumbled upon art that affirmed my own taste, which we’ll call a mix of Adbusters and “institutional critique.”


24 Oct

6:30 p.m. EDT
Oct 24, 2023
School of the Visual Arts Department of Design Research, Writing and Criticism & New York Review of Architecture

22 Jun

1:30 p.m. EDT
Jun 22, 2023
Tom of Finland Foundation