Notes on the American museum, the natural, and history

After a fire damaged a small Sunset Park church in 1947, the congregation asked Alvar Aalto to lead the redesign. The world-famous architect agreed, and then the drawings disappeared.

On Denise Scott Brown’s inconvenient legacy

Food halls have spread far and wide, deflavorizing neighborhoods every step of the way.


Student workers at the University of Michigan head into the summer without a contract.

Ten years of the Architecture Lobby have brought noise, melody, and everything in between.


Armory buildings are everywhere in this city. Should they be?


Neglected for decades, the area around Citi Field is poised for major redevelopment. What changed?

Berenice Abbott documented a city that seemed a monument to everything other than what and who had produced it.

The Financial Times’ architecture and design critic gets his steps in.

Architectural impotence at MoMA’s latest

For the poet Charlotte Van den Broeck, the idea of a building is ludicrous, a bottomless vessel filled by an architect’s unslakable longing.


New York is a city of exhibitionists. Documentary filmmaker John Wilson is happy to oblige.

Where ideas hit money and materials and space itself.

If nature takes its revenge but no one is around to witness it, will it be beautiful?


Gentrification isn’t what you think it is. Not exactly.

Address A Building

The “Star Wars”–esque modular bathrooms have been kissed by a gentle coat of rust, from their corrugated metal facades to their tinny hand dryers.

There comes a loud, thudding crash.

Address A Building

If there’s a correct path through American Museum of Natural History, it’s totally elusive.

Address A Building

Under the trunk of the tower’s seventy stories, daylight is pretty scarce, and there may be no other block in Manhattan that comes so close to the Tim Burton’s Gotham.

We’re attached to a dream we’ve been sold but can’t afford.

On New York’s changing bath culture

Catty Corner

Our Catty Corner columnist ponders the war on cars.

Wrecking Ball

A whole lot of people who are not me should have been paying attention a lot sooner.

I. L. Sherman takes the 1 and the proverbial sledgehammer to the Columbia Business School.

Wrecking Ball

The MTA thinks it can teach us something about beauty. Get outta here!

Wrecking Ball

Like with much of what is spewed out of New York’s over-hyped, PR-industrial complex, a closer look at Central Park reveals a thin green veneer covering a hollow and tired system.